We help clients realize their ideas into a working product
mobile application development

We help clients realize their ideas into a working product
mobile application development
is a young and passionate company with huge interest for mobile world from Minsk, Belarus. Our aim is to create high-quality products that help people and change their life in a better way.

Building mobile applications, we focus on stability, speed, and elegance that consistently receive five star reviews. We can work as an independent product team or integrated into your existing team depending on your needs.

The company's mission is to help global organizations & startups overcome technology challenges of Digital Transformation with the focus on new and emerging technologies, which we believe should make a positive impact on each area of our lives, making it simpler, smarter, and opening new promising horizons.
Our last projects are implemented for the following spheres
Business process automatization
(BPA) is the use of technology to automate repeatable, day-to-day tasks. It accelerates how work gets done by routing information to the right person at the right time through user-defined rules and actions. BPA helps organizations streamline processes such as employee onboarding, accounts payable, contract management and more.
The marketplace a type of e-commerce app where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator. It is an easy, convenient way to buy and sell in your or necessary area. You can look through listings or search for items near you to find great things to buy.
Apps that are interactive and designed to entertain and inform the user, and which contain audio, visual, or other content. It can include purely leisure activities (music, playing games), communications (social media, instant messaging, Twitter), television, movies, second screens, fan clubs, theatre, ringtones, voice manipulation, ticketing services, art creation.
A type of application used as a platform to promote healthy behavior change with personalized workouts, fitness advice and nutrition plans. Fitness apps can work in conjunction with wearable devices to synchronize their health data to third-party devices for easier accessibility. Through using gamification elements and creating competition among friends and family, fitness apps can help incentive users to be more motivated.
Payments solutions
Mobile payments are regulated transactions that take place digitally through your mobile device. They encompass different technologies that are determined by the purposes. Thus, you may use your phone to carry out payments for physical goods online or make in-app purchases of digital products.
Healthcare apps offer health-related services through smartphones and they're accessible to patients both at home and on-the-go.
The most common application's use of mobile devices to educate consumers about preventive healthcare services or to help consumers make healthier choices in their everyday life by offering advice about fitness or nutrition. Also, it helps doctors and patients communicate from afar. Some apps are aimed at physicians themselves, allowing doctors to keep accurate records that are easily accessible.
Our Works
Take a look at some of the iOS apps we developed since 2017. We'd be happy to work on your mobile app next.

Running Tracker by Depfit
Application for running, which help to lose weight and prepare for marathons. Equipped with a variety of features that are constantly updated:

- Apple Health Kit integration - log your workouts
- Weight loss workouts for beginners and advanced
- Distance workouts
- 200+ workouts created especially for you
- 6+ training plans
- Real-time map with your distance, calories, time and duration
- Open the map from workout to see your route
- Take notes after workouts


Application for the entrepreneur which unites functions of banking, accounts department and acceptance of payments in one convenient smartphones and computers application. The application allows users to concentrate on business development, having undertaken a routine and providing decisions for automation of account, the reporting and business processes.

- Creation and confirmation of payments
- Creation and exchange of documents with clients
- Communication with removed team
- Integration with bank

Safe Control
App with all its useful features, it will become an important helper for anyone who wants to keep their family safe or just stay close to friends.
Safe control Locator uses the latest GPS location data to report the real-time location of your friends and family. Just install Safe Control on each user's phone. Once registered, each member is displayed as a unique icon on the map, so you'll always know where your family members are.

Use Safe Control Locator to:

- View the location of friends or family members in real time on private maps
- Track your lost or stolen phone
- See the exact location of your friends or family members on the map
- Invite as many people as you want
- Track the battery level of your friends and relatives
- Share information about your device's battery level
- Share your location with family or friends (or disable this feature if you don't want to)

In GardenMarket it is possible to find or place the sale's announcements of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, milk and other natural food.
The application will be pleasant for people who prefer healthy food and give preference to fresh and useful products. It contains farmers' ads who grow food especially for you on their farms.


- Placement of sale's announcements
- The catalog of goods with search and filters
- Map with sellers points
- Communication of the farmer and buyer
- Order of products
- Payment of orders

Walking & Pedometer by Depfit
is a simple, visually pleasing and efficient step counter.
Easily keep track of your daily and weekly step counts and pulse, without any impact on your battery life.

- Apple Health Kit integration
- log your workouts
- Weight loss workout
- Real-time map with your distance, calories, time and duration
- Open the map from workout to see your route
- Take notes after workouts
- Free walk mode - run without limits
- Full history to track your progress
Advantages of working with us
We focus on clean code and scalability of the final product. Our team is always happy to advise you on the best technical solutions.
In-house app developers only
We've taken special care to build a strong and steady team in-house. Our internal mobile development school brings fresh talent in the development team every year.
We handpick modern tech stack so your app runs smoothly and quickly. We name our objects and classes consistently and provide detailed comments to every piece of code.
Great communication and smart people
We work tightly with our client's teams. This brings many advantages in terms of communication and reduces many of the usual hiccups of outsourced development.
Transparent workflow
Regular time tracking, reporting, proficient project management. We always advise on fast validation and doing user testing as early and as often as possible.

Let's talk
We can work as an independent product team or integrated into your existing team depending on your needs.
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